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Site Map

This site was designed in the early 1990's and built in a word processor on an Atari ST! Currently the site is being redesigned to take advantage of the latest web developments (i.e. forced to constantly upgrade due to the tech business model of breaking the Internet to increase their profit), but it is a very large project, so please excuse the cave dust while the Ancient Future is being upgraded (perpetually).

  1. Welcome to the Ancient Future. Main home page.
    1. Table of Contents: Ancient Future Web Site. This table of contents. You are here!
      1. Search This Site. Search Ancient-Future.Com using Google
      2. Copyright Information. Boring legal stuff.
      3. Privacy Policy. More boring legal stuff.
      4. Web Awards. Cheezy web awards from the early days of the Internet.
    2. Time Machine: Enter the Ancient Future. Alternative entrance to the Ancient Future from a parallel universe.
    3. World Fusion Music Links. World Fusion Music Links Site.
  2. One Band, Many Flavors. About the band Ancient Future.
    1. Biographies:
      1. Matthew Montfort (band leader, guitars, charango, sitar, gamelan)
      2. Vishal Nagar (tabla)
      3. Pandit Habib Khan (sitar)
      4. Zhao Hui (gu zheng)
      5. Bui Huu Nhut (Vietnamese dan bao)
      6. Georges Lammam (Arabic violin virtuoso)
      7. Jim Hurley (violin, guitar, percussion)
      8. Salah (Arabic percussion)
      9. Faisal Zedan (Middle Eastern percussion)
      10. Ian Dogole (global percussion)
      11. Irina Mikhailova (vocals)
      12. Doug McKeehan (keyboards)
      13. Mindia Devi Klein (flutes, gamelan)
      14. Manose Singh (Himalayan bamboo flutes)
      15. Liu Qi-Chao (Chinese reeds, flutes and string instruments)
      16. Mariah Parker (santur, piano
      17. Mohammed Nejad (Persian instruments)
      18. Alan Tower (didjeridu, guitar, huaca)
      19. Benjy Wertheimer (tabla, esraj)
      20. Sapphira (world dance)
      21. Etc. See the Biographies page for more performers.
    2. Ancient Future History. How Ancient Future started and their long path towards creating World Fusion Music.
      1. 1978->. Founding period of Ancient Future in which Visions of a Peaceful Planet and Natural Rhythms are recorded.
      2. 1982->. Transition period leading to a major label deal for the Quiet Fire release.
      3. 1988->. World Without Walls and Asian Fusion include collaborations with world music masters such as Zakir Hussain, Bui Huu Nhut, and Zhao Hui.
      4. 1998->. Period including the beginnings of the Planet Jammin' concert series, the recording and release of Planet Passion, and an expansion of popularity on the Internet that doesn't result in increased income, leading to participation in a class action lawsuit against Napster.
      5. 2003->. Projects were completed in Ancient Future Studios, including Sangria by Mariah Parker and Seven Serenades for Scalloped Fretboard Guitar by Matthew Montfort.
      6. 2008->. The ongoing fan funded Archive of Future Ancient Recordings project began, and Ancient Future's first audio/video recording, Yearning for the Wind, was released.
    3. Quotes. Media quotes about Ancient Future.
    4. Ancient Future Studios. Ancient Future Studios records Ancient Future projects, a few outside projects as well, and offers 64 Bit Tuned Harmonic Mastering for music projects where the harmonic series is an important consideration for EQ adjustments.
      1. Ancient Future Music Scoring. A new world of music for film, video, CD-ROM, and multimedia produced in Ancient Future Studios.
  3. Electronic Promo Kit. Video, audio, and information on Ancient Future.
    1. One Band, Many Flavors. Ancient Future has grown to become a large multinational music ensemble with many smaller ensembles within it.
    2. Biography. Ancient Future band biography.
    3. Videos. Videos of Ancient Future performing.
    4. Print Promo Kit. All the documents needed to book and promote and Ancient Future show.
    5. Booking Ancient Future. How to book Ancient Future.
    6. Program Options:
      1. World. Music based on world music traditions:
        1. Celtic Raga. Duet featuring scalloped fretboard guitar master Matthew Montfort and Indian tabla master Vishal Nagar.
        2. Jugalbandi. A classical North Indian musical duet (literally "tied together"), in this case with the unusual configuration of sitar master Ustad Habib Khan and scalloped fretboard pioneer Matthew Montfort accompanied by tabla.
        3. Planet Jammin'. World Music and Dance Festival featuring Ancient Future collaborating with world music masters.
        4. Etc. Over two dozen program options are available from the Program Options page.
      2. Beat. World beat programs:
        1. Arabic Beats. American and Arabic musicians make exciting music that shows how cultures can dance together.
        2. Power Trio. Strains of passionate flamenco and ethereal Indian raga soar over powerful bass.
        3. Etc. Over two dozen program options are available from the Program Options page.
      3. Folk. Acoustic music programs at home on folk music bills:
        1. Hammered & Picked: This world folk duet showcasing hammered and picked instruments features Matthew Montfort on scalloped fretboard and fretless guitars and Mariah Parker on hammered dulcimer.
        2. Global Guitar: This acoustic guitar program by Matthew Monfort focuses on his ability to bring unusual tonalities from the musical traditions of the world to the guitar.
      4. Classical. Programs at home on classical music bills:
        1. World Chamber Music. This is a program of 20th and 21st century contemporary classical music from California for the world, reflecting the many cultural influences that are adding to the diversity of contemporary art music.
        2. Classical Colors of the World. This program showcases unusual classical music: flamenco piano, Brazilian jungle jazz, or the American Indianists featuring Seth Montfort, who made his piano concerto debut with the Denver Symphony at age 16, and brother Matthew Montfort on guitar.
      5. Jazz. Programs at home on jazz bills:
        1. World Jazz Reunion. World Without Walls reunion concert program.
        2. Indo Latin Jazz. Features compositions from Mariah Parker's debut release, Sangria, which blends the driving rhythmic syncopations of Latin jazz with the entrancing, asymmetrical meters of India.
        3. Etc. Over two dozen program options are available from the Program Options page.
      6. School. Educational music programs and workshops:
        1. Frog Toy Orchestra. Join members of Ancient Future in a do-it-yourself symphony using toy frogs and simple percussion. Educational and fun for the whole family.
        2. Etc. Over two dozen program options are available from the Program Options page.
      7. Party. Ancient Future can create a custom program specifically for your event, be it a multi-cultural wedding, celebration, party, or corporate event.
    7. Promoción Electrónica. Promoción electrónica de la banda Ancient Future (EPK in Spanish).
      1. Una banda ­ muchos sabores. Ancient Future ha crecido hasta transformarse en un conjunto multinacional grande de la música con muchos pequeños grupos dentro de él.
      2. Biografía. La biografía de la banda Ancient Future.
      3. Vídeos. Los vídeos de la banda Ancient Future.
      4. Promo. Los materiales promocionales y materiales de la prensa.
      5. Contratación. La contratación de la banda Ancient Future.
      6. Programas. Las opciones de programas.
  4. World Music Events. Concerts, classes, and workshops featuring members of the band Ancient Future.
    1. Ancient Future in Concert. Confirmed public concert dates of Ancient-Future.Com Records artists.
    2. Events Past. Concert itineraries and scrapbooks from years past.
      1. See the Events Past page for all the years from 1998 through last year. Read Ancient Future History for years prior to 1998.
      2. 2005 Pacific Northwest Tour Scrapbook.
      3. 2000 Beirut Lebanon Tour Scrapbook.
    3. Classes. Music workshops and classes.
    4. Concert Reviews. Full text of Ancient Future concert reviews.
  5. World Music Store. Browse recordings and books, make donations, arrange lessons, secure concert tickets from Ancient Future and related artists.
      1. Alternative Ordering Information. Ordering information for those who don't wish to order online.
      2. Wholesale Price List. Ordering information for wholesale accounts.
    1. Records. Records by Ancient Future and related artists.
        1. Ancient-Future.Com Records. Records on the Ancient-Future.Com record label.
        2. Ancient Future Band Records. Records by the band Ancient Future.
        3. Side Projects. Recordings of side projects by Ancient Future band members.
      1. The Archive of Future Ancient Recordings. Be part of the creating the eighth Ancient Future release! Already there are songs in the archive available to subscribers, with more to come as more money is raised.
        1. The Story of AFAR. An ancient future from now in a parallel universe, paleontologists discover a disc, mysteriously labeled AFAR, completely intact inside a fossilized jellyfish.
      2. Yearning for the Wind. Ancient Future's first audio/video recording features scalloped fretboard guitar pioneer Matthew Montfort and Indian tabla master Vishal Nagar.
      3. Sympathetic Serenade for Scalloped Fretboard Guitar. Ancient Future leader Matthew Montfort was honored as one of the world's 100 Greatest Acoustic Guitarists by DigitalDreamDoor for his work on this solo EP.
      4. Seven Serenades for Scalloped Fretboard Guitar. Debut solo recording by Ancient Future leader Matthew Montfort.
      5. Planet Passion. The seventh Ancient Future record is Best of Echoes Radio Listener Poll Winner 2002!
        1. Flirtation Chapter. Features Nepali flutist Manose Singh (bansuri) and Liu Qi-Chao (Chinese flute).
        2. Courtship Chapter. Features Matthew Montfort (electric guitars), Irina Mikhailova (vocals), and C.K. Ladzekpo (Yoruba drummer).
        3. Sacred Eros Chapter. Features Santeria priest Pedro de Jesus, instruments and rhythms of the Gamelan Semar Pegulingan, and performances by the original 1978 lineup of Ancient Future.
        4. The Wedding Chapter. Features Matthew Montfort on scalloped fretboard guitar and Patti Weiss on violin, Palestinian musicians Antoine Lammam (percussion) and Georges Lammam (violin) and Jewish music specialist Moses Sedler (cello).
        5. Seduction Chapter. Features Irina Mikhailova (vocals) and Matthew Montfort (guitars).
        6. Longing Chapter. Features Pandit Habib Khan (sitar).
        7. Record Stores. Retail outlets that carried the 2002 release of Planet Passion.
        8. Airplay. Radio stations that broadcast the 2002 release of Planet Passion.
        9. Planet Cupid. Share a songs from Planet Passion.
      6. Natural Rhythms. Ancient Future's second release received a N.A.I.R.D. "Indie" World Music Award, and upon its reissue on CD was selected as one of the Top 10 World Music Releases of 1994 by The Beat Magazine.
      7. Visions of a Peaceful Planet. Ancient Future's critically acclaimed 1979 debut release.
      8. Putumayo Collections. Ancient Future is featured on Asian Lounge and Music from the Tea Lands on Putumayo Records.
      9. Asian Fusion. Ancient Future's sixth release made the Tower Pulse! Top Ten Best Contemporary Instrumental Releases of 1993 List (#4).
      10. World Without Walls. Ancient Future's fifth release features guest artist tabla master Zakir Hussain.
      11. Dreamchaser. Ancient Future's fourth release received a 10 out of 10 rating in CD Review Magazine.
      12. Quiet Fire. Ancient Future's fifth release established the band as a strong force in the record stores by selling over 55,000 copies.
      13. Narada Collections. Ancient Future and Matthew Montfort are featured on the Narada collections Guitar Works and Alma del Sur.
      14. Sangria. Mariah Parker's debut recording features original compositions that draw musical inspiration from Brazil, Cuba, Spain, and India.
      15. 10,000 Thunderstorms. Alan Tower and Free Energy perform a n acoustic journey from the primordial beginning to the future: evolutionary acoustic music with hybrid instruments.
      16. The Eternal Presence . 4 Didjeridu's create transcendent four part compositions.
      17. Soul of the Esraj. This CD by original Ancient Future member Benjy Wertheimer features the esraj (an instrument from North India that resembles as small sitar but is played with a bow).
      18. Anjali. This yoga and meditation CD by Benjy Wertheimer and Michael Mandrell features the esraj, tabla, and acoustic guitar.
      19. The Love Window. Sacred chants of devotion by Shantala with Benjy and Heather Wertheimer and a chorus of voices.
      20. Circle of Fire. This percussion CD by original Ancient Future member Benjy Wertheimer was #1 on the NAV Chart 11/2002.
      21. Ecstasy. Live studio recording of music by sitar master Pandit Habib Khan featuring musicians from the Ancient Future plus a whole lot of famous jazz and Indian musicians in world jazz jams.
      22. The Longing. Live studio recording of world fusion music by Pandit Habib Khan featuring musicians from the Ancient Future plus a whole lot of famous jazz and Indian musicians.
      23. Sacred Insanity. Percussionist Emam produced this recording featuring South Indian drum set master Sivamani, scalloped fretboard guitarist Matthew Montfort, cellist Moses Sedler, Nepali flutist Manose Singh, young singer/songwriter Jillian Speer, saxophonist George Brooks, and many others.
      24. Finger Painting. Ancient Future violinist Jim Hurley plays all the parts on this popular acoustic string music CD.
      25. Quiessence. Original Ancient Future flutist Mindia Devi Klein presents a contemporary exploration of North Indian classical ragas.
    2. Books. Music training material.
      1. Ancient Traditions – Future Possibilities. About the world rhythm training manual covering the traditions of Africa, Bali and India.
        1. Table of Contents: Ancient Traditions – Future Possibilities. Table of contents for the world rhythm training manual.
        2. About the Author. About Matthew Montfort, author of the above book.
        3. World Rhythms in the Classroom. How to use the book in a classroom situation.
    3. Donate. Support Ancient Future's next recording project,make tax deductable contributions to a world fusion music concert support fund, or sponsor Ancient Future and receive a thank you link on the Ancient-Future.Com home page.
    4. Lessons via Skype. Study any of the material on this web site online via Skype, other conferencing services, or through correspondence lessons.
      1. Northern California Lessons with Matthew Montfort. Take private lessons with Matthew Montfort in person in the San Francisco Bay Area. Some of Matthew Montfort's Northern California music students have gone on to promising music careers.
    5. Ancient Future Box Office. Use our secure server and the Miva Merchant shopping cart to place your Ancient Future ticket order easily and with security.
    6. Ancient Future Business Office. Handles payments for Ancient Future Studios and Ancient Future bookings.
  6. World Music Training. World music education home page.
      1. World Music Workshops. Classes and workshops on world music.
    1. Time. Answers the question, "Where's the beat?"
      1. African Polyrhythms. West African rhythms.
        1. Two Against Three. How to do two beats against three.
        2. Resultants. Resultant rhythms produced by two parts played at once, such as the bell pattern against the clap.
      2. Balinese Rhythms. Gamelan music of Bali.
        1. Balinese Kotèkan Types. The four types of Balinese interlocking rhythms.
      3. Indian Rhythmic Cycles. North and South Indian tala.
          1. Pronunciation Guide to Indian Drum Syllables. The sounds of the drums have onomatopoetic syllables to represent them.
        1. North Indian Talas. Examples of North Indian tala thekas.
        2. South Indian Solkattu. South Indian drum composition.
      4. Arabic Rhythmic Cycles. Learn Arabic rhythmic modes.
      5. World Fusion Rhythms. Examples from the Future Possibilities chapter of Ancient Traditions – Future Possibilities.
    2. Tune. Got melody?
      1. North Indian Raga. Learn fundamentals of raga.
      2. South Indian Vina Music. South Indian vina music arranged for guitar.
    3. Timbre. What's that sound?
      1. Sitar. History and tuning of this plucked lute from North India.
      2. Scalloped Fretboard Guitar. About the scalloped fretboard guitar, an instrument combining aspects of the South Indian vina and the steel string guitar.
      3. Charango. History and tuning of this small lute from South America.
      4. Tabla. About the tabla. MIDI map for North Indian examples.
      5. Mridangam. About the mridangam. MIDI map for South Indian examples.
      6. Balinese Gamelan. About the instruments of the gamelan orchestra. MIDI map for Balinese examples.
      7. Ewe Orchestra. About the percussion instruments of the Ewe orchestra. MIDI map for African examples.
  7. Connect. Communication section of site, with contact information, press info, and more.
    1. Guest Book. Sign the guest book and register for monthly drawings with prizes including concert tickets, CD's, etc! Join the Ancient Future concert mailing list, or send Ancient Future your feedback.
    2. Ancient Future Speak Message Wall. Cave wall for world music and dance messages.
    3. Newsmagazine. Ancient Future publishes the Ancient Future Times and World Rhythms newsletters.
      1. Concert Press Releases. List with links to press releases about Ancient Future events.
      2. News Press Release. List with links to news press releases.
    4. Social Networks. Select a cave to paint your ideas about world music and dance on these labyrinth walls.
      1. Free MP3 Graffiti. Graffiti wall of world music with free MP3's by Ancient Future.
    5. Press. Press center with press support files such as photos, record artwork, etc.
      1. High Res Photo Archive
      2. Ancient Future Article Gallery. As time permits, articles from the Ancient Future archives will be scanned and shown here.
  8. World Fusion Music Radio. The place to find world fusion music broadcasts on the net!