Table of Contents

Ancient Traditions–Future Possibilities

Rhythmic Training Through the Traditions of Africa, Bali and India

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by Matthew Montfort

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Cave Hand

Kentfield: Ancient Future Music, 1985. ISBN 0-937879-00-2.
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Introduction 1

How to Use this Book 2


Chapter 1, West Africa 7

African Rhythm Exercises 13

Exercise I, Hemiola 14

Exercise II, Additive Rhythms 15

Exercise III, Bi-Rhythms 18

Exercise IV, Additive and Divisive Rhythms Combined 25

Exercise V, Resultants 29

Exercise VI, Partners 37

Exercise VII, Ewe Drum Music 37

Ewe Instruments Chart 40

Glossary of Ewe Terms 41

Glossary of Western Terms Used to Describe African Rhythm 41

Chapter 2, Bali 42

Kotekan Exercises 45

A Note on Notation 46

Exercise I, Rice-Pounding Music 47

Exercise II, Kotekan Cards 49

Exercise III, Kotekans from the Gamelan Anklung Repertoire 50

Exercise IV, Gender Wayang 51

Exercise V, Kotekans from the Gamelan Semar Pegulingan and Gamelan Gong Kebyar Repertoires 53

Glossary of Balinese Terms 61

Balinese Pronunciation Guide 62

Chapter 3, India 63

Rhythmic Cycles of South India 63

The Scheme of the 35 Talas 65

Exercise I, Numerical Group Syllables and Pronunciation 67

Exercise II, Hand Gestures for Talas 68

Exercise III, Changing Phrase Groupings in each of the Five Gatis 70

Exercise IV, Solkattu 78

Glossary of South Indian Terms 88

Rhythmic Cycles of North India 89

Tabla Bol Chart 90

Exercise I, Thekas for Talas 91

Exercise II, Laya 95

Exercise III, Chand 101

Exercise IV, Fractional Laya 107

Exercise V, Accent Patterns 107

Exercise VI, Tihais 108

Glossary of North Indian Terms 122

North and South Indian Pronunciation Guide 124


Chapter 4, Future Possibilities 127

Exercise I, Balinese and North Indian Rhythmic Concepts Combined 127

Exercise II, African and South Indian Rhythmic Concepts Combined 129

Exercise III, African and Balinese Rhythmic Concepts Combined 130

Biliography 131

Kotekan Card Cut Outs 133