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Here on our MP3 graffiti wall you can access free world music downloads. Do keep in mind that Ancient Future needs your support to continue to bring you this music, so please order from the catalog, download the tracks at iTunes or other digital download sites, or donate to support new recordings! In this age of free streaming where tech companies make money from recordings but artists aren't fairly compensated, it is up to you to keep this music alive.

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You will even receive an exclusive free music download as a reward when you confirm your subscription! It's a live version of Socha Socha from Planet Passion that was recorded for the Echoes Living Room Concert Series on Public Radio International. It's never been released commercially, so it's not available on any of the download or streaming sites!

Planet Passion Cover

Planet Passion (30th Anniversary Remastered Edition) by the band Ancient Future (Ancient-Future.Com AF 2010). Digipak CD- $17.98 (SALE $10): Add CD to Cart. Buy CD Now. >YTmusic. iTunes. Educational 11 Page Digital Liner Notes- $1.98 (SALE $1.50): Add Liner Notes to Cart. Buy Liner Notes Now. The Best of Echoes Radio Listener Poll Winner! (Read more).

Free Downloads from Ancient Future's Major Label Releases

Ancient Future CDs on Narada and Sona Gaia Records are now out of print rare collectibles. But you can download eight FREE mp3 soundfiles right here! And because of a deal with Capitol Records, they are now all available on the major download and streaming sites. And Ancient-Future.Com has a very limited stock left of these rare CDs, so order while they last!

The following eight Ancient Future songs are short excerpts and are patent and © 1985 through 1993 Nara Music (BMI). All rights reserved. Use by permission of Narada Productions, Inc. All compositions and recordings are protected under the US Copyright Law and applicable treaties. Distribution, copying, mirroring (making local copies available for alternate sites), or any other transmission of the sound recordings is strictly prohibited.

Quiet Fire

Quiet Fire CD Cover

Quiet Fire (Narada 1012)
CD- $29.98: Add 1 to Cart. Buy 1 Now.

FREE MP3 files:

  1. Mountain Song (Matthew Montfort) FREE MP3 (excerpt) (960K). >YTmusic.
  2. Charukeshi (Benjy Wertheimer) FREE MP3 (excerpt) (576K). >YTmusic.


Dreamchaser CD Cover

Dreamchaser (Sona Gaia 154)
CD- 29.98: Add 1 to Cart. Buy 1 Now.

FREE MP3 files:

  1. Gamarock (Matthew Montfort) FREE MP3 (excerpt) (896K). >YTmusic.
  2. Promise to the River (Matthew Montfort) FREE MP3 (excerpt) (928K). >YTmusic.

World Without Walls

World Without Walls CD Cover

World Without Walls (Sona Gaia 163)
CD- $24.98: Add 1 to Cart. Buy 1 Now.

FREE MP3 files:

  1. Lakshmi Rocks Me (Jim Hurley) FREE MP3 (excerpt) (992K). >YTmusic.
  2. 14 Steps (Matthew Montfort) FREE MP3 (excerpt) (1MB). >YTmusic.

Asian Fusion

Asian Fusion CD Cover

Asian Fusion (Narada Equinox ND-63023)
CD-$24.98: Add 1 to Cart. Buy 1 Now.

FREE MP3 files:

  1. The Dusk Song of the Fisherman (Traditional) FREE MP3 (excerpt) 647K. >YTmusic.
  2. Mezgoof (Ian Dogole) FREE MP3 (excerpt) 800K. >YTmusic.