The Charango

A Small 10 String Lute

Originating in South America

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The charango is a small ten string lute that originated in South America. The back of the instrument is traditionally fashioned from an armadillo. When the Spaniards came to South America, they brought the vihuela (an ancestor of the guitar) with them. The native people liked the vihuela, but lacked the technology to shape the wood in that manner. However, there was a convenient resource available to them: armadillo shells. Thus the charango was born. It was a happy day for music, but a sad day for armadillos. But it is a rare creature that makes music after death. Legend has it that the armadillo has to go to a conservatory for five years to study to become a charango.

Today, many of the best charangos have wooden backs instead of employing the armadillo shell.

Charango Tuning:

The charango is tuned in five pairs of strings:

Charango Tuning

Recommended Records Featuring Charango

The following recordings by the world music group Ancient Future include the charango in unusual settings:

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