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The following links point to books of interest to world fusion musicians:

General World Music

  • Earthshaking Music. Quality world music instruments, books, CD's, videos, etc.
  • Knock On Wood. U.K. supplier of world music books, supplies, recordings, etc.
  • Lark in the Morning. A large collection of world music instruments, recordings, books, and sheet music.


  • Burnt Earth Ceramic Musical Instruments. See and hear unusual ceramic musical instruments. Drums, horns, didjeridus, flutes, and even string instruments and unique mutant hybrids.
  • Carousel Music. Music company specializing in instruments from around the world and also World In Tune (tm), the integrative global music program for grades K-12.
  • David Roman Drums. Darbuka and frame drum specialists. Invented a pneumatic tuning system that works with a simple bicycle pump.
  • Ethnic Musical Instruments. Features instruments from around the world.
  • Just Strings. The world's largest selection of guitar and bass guitar strings including the full line of over 35 different string manufacturers.
  • High Tech Talking Drums. Talking drums mount on a stand and use foot pedal to change the pitch. Designed to easily integrate with drumset or percussion setups. Enables both hands.
  • R G Hardie & Co - Bagpipes for sale. Suppliers of Highland Bagpipes, Pipe Chanters, Practice Chanters and Accessories, including Peter Henderson Bagpipes and the World Famous Airtight Seasoning for Sheepskin Bags.
  • Rhythm Tech. The folks who make the half-moon tambourine and more.
  • Tarang Indian instruments. Our offer comprises almost the complete range of Indian musical instruments.
  • Woodsong. Handcrafted door harps, didgeridoos, marimbas and musical furniture.



Sites like Amazon.com are OK places to browse, but it is best to buy direct at artist sites such as Ancient-Future.Com or artist supportive sites such as CD Baby, where more of the money you spend actually goes to support the music instead of making tech overlords richer to the detriment of artists, local stores, and consumers. The following catalogs and record labels offer world music:

  • Ancient Future Catalog. An on-line catalog of all the Ancient Future recordings and books. Order via credit card and a shopping cart system through a secure server. 100% of the proceeds go to support world music. Includes sound files of the group's music.
  • ARC Music World & Folk Music Site. Over 320 albums spanning the globe. Africa to Egypt to Iceland and beyond. World music fusion blends to traditional folk.
  • A.R.P. Music. American Recording Productions records and distributes Middle Eastern and world music in traditional and new age fusion styles.
  • Alma Records. Label releasing world music.
  • Blue Jackel Entertainment . Label releasing many award winning titles in jazz, world beat, Brazilian, and Latin categories.
  • Borealis Records. Label releasing world music.
  • Bridge Records.Label releasing world music.
  • Buda Musique. Label releasing world music.
  • Canyon Records. Native American music label.
  • CD Baby. One of the best sites to buy CDs from. Pays artists more than other sites, and has a huge selection of independent artists.
  • Down Home Music. Down Home Music has been serving the San Francisco bay area for over 22 years with an extensive selection of roots music from the U.S. and around the globe.
  • Eternal Music. Record label dedicated to world peace through world music. Artists include Zakir Hussain, Habib Khan, and Emam and Friends.
  • Golden Horn Productions. A contemporary and traditional world music and jazz label established in 1995 and based in California.
  • Harmonia Mundi. Label releasing world music.
  • Luaka Bop. Label releasing world music.
  • Mhumhi Records. A non-profit record label dedicated to the preservation of traditional Zimbabwean and Mozambiquan music.
  • Musea Records. Carries lots of exciting world music including Ancient Future.
  • New Earth Records. CD retailer and label of some of the top names in global fusion/world and much more.
  • Oasis Productions. Canadian instrumental music label, specializing in contemporary instrumental, world, and ambient music.
  • Oliver Sudden Productions. Record company devoted to World Traditional Music. Titles include music from China, Vietnam, Paraguay, Costa Rica and India.
  • Piranha. World Music InfoBaseMegaZineShop!
  • Putumayo Records. Label releasing world music samplers, two of which include Ancient Future.
  • Real World Records. Label releasing world music.
  • Rounder Records. Large independent label with folk and world music releases.
  • Silver Wave Records. Label releasing world music.
  • Smithonian Folkways Recordings. Label releasing world music.
  • World Circuit Records. Label releasing world music.
  • X DOT 25 . Wonderful label specializing in world and world fusion music. Great catalog.


  • eMusic.com. EMusic had a huge legal catalog of world music in the MP3 format, contracts with reputable record labels like Music of the World and Ancient-Future.Com, and a somewhat artist friendly focus. But in the streaming age, TheOrchard.com, the distributor for Ancient-Future.Com Records, dropped them because they weren't paying royalties when due.
  • iTunes. Apple has done a lot to make all types of music widely available at their iTunes music shop.
  • Napster.com. Matthew Montfort of Ancient Future was named as the proposed Class Representative in a class action lawsuit for Independent Musicians Against Napster. Napster now respects copyright law, and Ancient Future tracks are available. Feel free to download and stream them all you like!
  • Rhapsody.com. Now merged with Napster, Rhapsody posted this review: "Ancient Future's members are relentless innovators, investigating Russian folk, Indonesian gamelan, Indian classical, Celtic Folk, and a whole host of other traditional musics and nature sounds. They often combine several geographically diverse sounds, finding uncanny congruences that make for surprising listening."


  • WorldMusicRingtones.Com. These world music ringtones were created by Ancient Future leader Matthew Montfort from the original master recordings. Songs were remixed specifically for the ringtone format to highlight certain master musicians from around the world, global grooves, or natural elements. These 100% organic loop-free earth tones for phones are a great way to make your cell phone fit better into the natural cycles of your life.

This site is supported by sales from the catalog. Support world music: buy direct from the artists!