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World Music Traditions

World Music Traditions

World fusion music could not exist without traditional music. Every musician interested in creating world fusion music should thoroughly study the traditions that have brought inspiration. The following links are useful resources in learning more about the world's traditional music:

  • African Music Pages. Music of the African continent with emphasis on West African highlife of Ghana, the juju and fuji of Nigeria, Cameroon's makossa, Cote d'Ivoire's zglibithy, Senegalese mbalax, and central and east African Soukous.
  • Alam Khan. The American born son of Ali Akbar Khansahib is continuing the tradition on sarode with soul, style, and stellar musicianship.
  • Ali Akbar College of Music. This is the school where the original members of Ancient Future met. Ustad Ali Akbar Khansahib taught the many of the classes himself before his passing June 18, 2009. The school continues to provide excellent instruciton in North Indian classical music in his honor.
  • Balinese Cultural Association. Helping preserve endangered Balinese performing arts.
  • Center for Arabic Culture.The mission of the Center for Arabic Culture (CAC) is to inspire and educate the community on Arabic music, dance, arts, and culture.
  • China Arts and Music Association. Everything about Chinese music.
  • C.K. Ladzekpo. African music and dance site of this master drummer from Ghana who has been an influence of the group Ancient Future.
  • Croatian Music. Stjepan Veckovic's site about Croatian music and Croatian traditional wind instruments.
  • Flamenco.de. Flamenco music site in Germany.
  • Indian Translators. Translation services for almost all Indian languages.
  • Maqam World. An amazing and thorough site covering Arabic maqam.
  • Saldanha Rolim. A Factory of Rhythms from Brazilian singer and composer Saldanha Rolim.
  • Sirkali Govindarajan. Dr. Sirkali Govindarajan was a great Tamlil musician who was famous for his classical, devotional and film music.
  • World Music Association of Serbia. Site of the World Music Association of Serbia presents World Music Magazine Etnoumlje, Festival Etnomus, CDs ofWorld Music From Serbia, Register of Serbian World Music artists and bands, etc.

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