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  • Inside World Music. World music links page run by Paula Kirman, previously the guide at World Music at About.com from 1997 to 2001. This site archive picks up where World Music at About.com off, and includes all of the articles and reviews from then to 2018.
  • mp3.com. Bought by C-NET and now now a tabloid-style pop music news site, this was at one time the largest collection of mp3 files on the net. They adopted the classification suggestions of Matthew Montfort, leader of the band Ancient Future, and coiner of the term world fusion music, for their world music pages, dividing them into World Traditions and World Fusion categories as he suggested below. These recommendations have now been copied on other sites.
    • World Music:
      • World Fusion Music. Music that combines ideas from many traditions.
      • World Traditions. Music based predominately on one tradition.
  • World Music Association of Serbia. Information about world music artists in Serbia.

Search Engines

  • ancient-future.com. Search this site.
  • Songsearch.com. Search for songs.
  • Yahoo! In a bow to Ancient Future, back when the popular Internet search engine Yahoo! was curated by humans, it added the following world fusion categories to its directory (gone now, but the links point to searches duplicating the former directories):
    • Entertainment/Music/Artists/By_Genre/World_Fusion/. Links to Ancient Future and many other artists who are part of the movement.
    • Entertainment/Music/World_Music/World_Fusion/. Links pages focusing on world fusion music, including, of course, this site.
    • Business_and_Economy/Companies/Music/Labels/World_Music/World_Fusion/. Links to world fusion music record labels.

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