World Music Ringtones

Kokopelli with Phone

Earth Tones for PhonesEarth Tones for Phones is a compilation of ringtones created by the master musicians who perform with the band Ancient Future. They span the gamut of world music genres from Middle Eastern dance rhythms, to Indian sitar, to Balinese gamelan, to Afro-Cuban chant, to an old Russian folksong. The sounds of the earth itself were not left out either: from a duet between zither and Pacific Tree frogs to the lapping waves of the north shore of Bali.

Theses real world-music ringtones were edited, mixed, and mastered directly from the master multitrack recordings. Not just excerpts, these evocative musical interludes are complete musical statements with musically relevant beginnings and ends, each exactly 30 seconds long, making them ideal not only for ringtones but as intro music for broadcasts. The 17 organic, loop-free earth tones were derived from tracks produced for the following recordings:



Organic Loop Free Music