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World Fusion Performance Artists

  • Daleela. Daleela's authentic Egyptian belly dance.
  • Sapphira: World Dance. Combines the graceful art of ballet with the mezmerizing moves of Middle Eastern dance to create her own unique virtuoso form of world dance. Highly recommended.
  • Shasha Higby. Ephemeral sculpture moving slowly in a thousand intricate pieces.
  • Shoshanna. Shoshanna’s interests lie in a strong foundation in Arabic dance with a fusion of Spanish influences andlyrical modern dance inspired by her extensive dance training.
  • Suhaila. Born to Middle Eastern dance pioneer Jamila Salimpour and Persian drummer Ardeshir Salimpour, Suhaila is also classically trained from a young age in jazz, tap and ballet. Suhaila's performances express the emotional soul and rhythm of the ancient dance but with a discipline and structured movement more akin to the modern era.

Ethnic Dance

  • Bellydance.org. The International Academy of Middle Eastern Dance. Bellydancing videos, DVDs and music CDs.
  • Belly Dancing with Delilah. Welcome to the home of internationally acclaimed dancing legend Delila
  • Bellyqueen. Bellydance troupe based in New York City.
  • Joy of Bellydancing. The name of Yasmina's site says it all. In Mesa, Arizona, US.
  • Sa'id Dance Company. Sa'id Judeh is the director of this music and dance company.
  • Soraya. World renown belly dancer (of Moroccan and Syrian heritage) who has performed for King Hassan and Morocco's royal family in Casablanca as an invited guest of the government, celebrates the art, music, heritage, and Anthropological history of the Middle East/Mediterranean with this cultural web site.
  • Veena and Neena. These identical twin dancers from India specialize in Middle Eastern and various Indian dance styles.
  • World Arts West. The mission of WAW is to present and promote world dance that reflects America's diversity. Through it's programs, especially the acclaimed SF Ethnic Dance Festival, WAW has become a nationally recognized resource for sustaining and nurturing ethnic traditions that promote, present and preserve art as an expression of cultural identity.

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