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ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVE: Waves which can travel quickly through the vacuum of outer space. But when an electromagnetic wave contacts the atoms of a material, the energy of that wave is absorbed. The absorption of energy causes the atom's electrons to undergo vibrations. The vibrating electrons then create a new electromagnetic wave with the same frequency as the first. These vibrations delay the motion of the wave through the material. This helps explain the relatively slow rate of transfer of e-mail through the wires of cyberspace compared to the higher velocity of electromagnetic waves through the vacuum of interatomic space! But for information about events on the Ancient Future horizon, nothing beats being on the Ancient Future e-mail list. Find out all the latest Ancient Future news and win free concert tickets and CDs!


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About the Ancient Future Museum of Internet Time Machines

This time machine was created in the early days of the Internet, and utilizes the magical mumbo jumbo codes of the cheesy dial up era. As the Internet evolved, some of the time machine functions were rendered inoperable through code deprecation voodoo. The Ancient Future Museum is attempting to restore these functions to be compliant with the standards imposed by the Covenant of Spooky Sorcerers of Code Validation. The Ancient Future Museum is seeking support to complete this work. A CSS Wizard may be needed to conjure up new techniques for time machine restoration. In the meantime, it is presented here in a state of arrested decay. This time machine is able to transport the music of the past into the future, but donations are needed to bring the music of the future to the present.