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EVENT HORIZON: The surface around a black hole from which light cannot escape. An object falling into a black hole will appear to spread out on the event horizon without ever entering it. To an outside observer, time slows down in the vicinity of the event horizon. But if the observer were to enter the event horizon, the observer would not experience a change in the flow of time. The nature of the space-time continuum at the event horizon is complicated. This is the case at Ancient Future events as well. In fact, publicity for Ancient Future events has been known to be sucked into a black hole. This is because, to the unenlightened outside observer (media), time slows down in the vicinity of an Ancient Future event and the observer imagines that there is an infinite amount of time to publicize the event. In the fraction of a second that this thought occurs, the publicity falls into the event horizon. Objects that fall into an event horizon never leave intact. But black holes aren't truly black – quantum mechanical fluctuations at the event horizon allow black holes to emit particles and radiation. Some Ancient Future aware media are tuned into this radiation via the electromagnetic waves of cyberspace, which helps explain why Ancient Future events are so successful in spite of occasional mainstream media blackouts.


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About the Ancient Future Museum of Internet Time Machines

This time machine was created in the early days of the Internet, and utilizes the magical mumbo jumbo codes of the cheesy dial up era. As the Internet evolved, some of the time machine functions were rendered inoperable through code deprecation voodoo. The Ancient Future Museum is attempting to restore these functions to be compliant with the standards imposed by the Covenant of Spooky Sorcerers of Code Validation. The Ancient Future Museum is seeking support to complete this work. A CSS Wizard may be needed to conjure up new techniques for time machine restoration. In the meantime, it is presented here in a state of arrested decay. This time machine is able to transport the music of the past into the future, but donations are needed to bring the music of the future to the present.