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Internet radio playlists featuring the top artists in the world fusion music field such as Ancient Future, John McLaughlin, Pandit Habib Khan, Manose, Georges Lammam, Zakir Hussain, Irina Mikhailova, Matthew Montfort, Mariah Parker, and many others.

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The term world fusion music was coined in 1978 to describe the music created by the band Ancient Future. WorldFusionMusicRadio.Com features music from artists who are part of the Ancient-Future.Com Records artist coalition label along with world music artists featured on major streaming music services.

Unfortunately, listening to these playlists doesn't really help to support the music financially because artist royalties from streaming are paid in thousandth of a cent increments. This must change, or the future of music will be bleak. Artists today are caught between a rock and a hard place. If they release their music on streaming sites, they won't be properly compensated. But if they don't, their music won't be heard by a large portion of their audience. For now, if you find a track you like on any of these playlists, please do go to the artist's website and purchase a copy of their music or make a direct donation.

You can also support the Content Creators Coalition, an organization working to get fair compensation for artists. Let streaming companies know that they need to change their business models to support the music!

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If you represent a world music or world fusion artist that you would like to see on WorldFusionMusicRadio.Com playlists, don't send a CD. Instead, send both the YouTube and Spotify streaming links for the exact track you wish to submit for consideration.