Broadcast Selections:

World Music Connections

World fusion music and the traditional music that inspired it side by side.

Indian Guitar

Guitarists working in Indian music utilizing everything from slides to scalloped fretboards. #2 Playlist Sept 2014

Indian Fusion

Top artists in Indian fusion music.

Women of World Music

World music inspired by the mythology of the feminine.

World Jazz

Jazz that influenced the world fusion band Ancient Future along with some more recent world jazz recordings.

Asian Fusion

World fusion music with Asian themes.


Shakti and Ancient Future

Musicians who have performed with John McLaughlin and Shakti, and the band Ancient Future.

Acoustic Guitar Top 100

Artists on the DigitalDreamDoor.Com Top 100 Greatest Acoustic, Specialty, and All-Genre Guitarists lists.


Interspecies Music

Intriguing music influenced by interspecies interactions and nature, from live jams with Pacific tree frogs from Ancient Future's Natural Rhythms to elephants playing instruments!

Spanish Diaspora

A rich tapestry of music resulting from migrations into and out of Spain, with music by Sukay, Inkuyo, Ancient Future, Mariah Parker, Fishtank Ensemble, and Ojos de Brujo.


Ancient African Traditions

Traditional West African music from which the rhythm exercises in the book Ancient Traditions - Future Possibilities were derived along with new music inspired by these grooves.

Dead to the World Music

World music featuring musicians in the broad orbit of the Grateful Dead, such as the Diga Rhythm Band, Zakir Hussain, Airto Moreira, and Babatunde Olatunji.