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Ancient Future Nominated for Two World Music Awards World Music Trailblazer Award and ZoneMusicReporter World Music Album of the Year

Ancient Future Receives Reader's Choice Award Nomination

Vote for Ancient Future for the World Music Trailblazer Award

On February 21, 2012, announced that their readers had nominated Ancient Future for an award that seems tailor-made for the pioneering world fusion music ensemble: the World Music Trailblazer Award!

To quote, "This award is the second of our two artist's awards, intended for a band or artist who is breaking new territory in the realm of world music. That could mean an artist combining ancient instruments with modern recording techniques, a band who fuses multiple genres of ethnic music into something completely new, a pair of artists who've made a cross-cultural CD together, or any number of other things."

Formed in 1978, Ancient Future is the world's first and longest-running band dedicated to the creation of world fusion music, and as such it has been doing all of these things for over three decades! readers and fans of Ancient Future can vote for the band in the World Music Trailblazer category at:

Readers can vote once daily in each category. Voting closes March 21.

Ancient Future Receives Best World Music Album of the Year Nomination

World Without Walls CD Cover Art

Featured Track Lakshmi Rocks Me: <youtube

The Reader's Choice Award was Ancient Future's second world music award nomination of the month. On February 12, 2012, ZoneMusicReporter announced that World Without Walls by Ancient Future with special guest Zakir Hussain was nominated by broadcasters worldwide for Best World Album of 2011. The record debuted at #39 on the October 2011 ZMR Airplay Chart, which covers many different radio genres, from Ambient to Folk, Jazz, and World, and at #34 on the CMJ New World Chart in November 2011. Final award winners will be announced by ZoneMusicReporter on March 11th, 2012.

On June 7, 2011, the exact lineup of Ancient Future that performed on the band's influential World Without Walls recording reunited to perform for the first time in over 15 years at Yoshi's San Francisco and other venues. To celebrate the reunion, Capitol/EMI Records released the first ever digital version of Ancient Future's classic 1990 World Without Walls recording. Downloads are now available at all major digital retailers (iTunes, etc.). For those who prefer CDs, a limited number of rare collectible original 1990 edition copies signed by Ancient Future leader Matthew Montfort are on sale exclusively at Ancient-Future.Com.

14 Steps youtube video
Youtube Video of 'Turkish Taffy' Recorded at Yoshi's, San Francisco, 6/7/11

Ancient Future Band Biography

Ancient Future Photo Circa 1990 by Irene Young (Links to 864 x 570 Screen Version)
Ancient Future circa 1990. Pictured: Matthew Montfort (guitars), Jim Hurley (violin), Doug McKeehan (keys), Ian Dogole (percussion).

BILLBOARD calls the group "trendsetters" for contributing to the emerging movement known as world fusion music, a term Ancient Future leader Matthew Montfort coined at the band’s inception for music that blends musical ideas from many different cultures. Their original music is an exhilarating fusion of exciting rhythms and sounds from around the globe that combines contemporary jazz and rock with the irresistible rhythms of African, Balinese, Indian, Middle Eastern and South American percussion, the rich harmonies of Europe, and the beautiful melodies of Asia.

In the years since the initial CD release of World Without Walls, Ancient Future has expanded from its core lineup through collaborations with noted masters of various world music traditions who are now an integral part of what is today more than just a band. Ancient Future has grown to become a large chamber ensemble of more than thirty performers from around the world with over a dozen smaller ensembles within it, enabling Ancient Future to realize its core mission of creating world fusion music.

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ZoneMusicReporter Best of 2011 Nominated Records:

'World Without Walls' CD:

'World Without Walls' on iTunes:

Video of 'Turkish Taffy' Recorded at Yoshi's, San Francisco, 6/7/11:

'World Without Walls' Hi-Res Square Cover Art (3 MB):

Ancient Future circa 1990. Hi-Res photo by Irene Young (14.7" x 9.7" sepia jpg, 7.2 MB):




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