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Ancient Future Guitarist Matthew Montfort Offers Online Music Lessons

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(Shown: Photos of recent student recital featuring students of Matthew Montfort performing on the backyard stage.)

Via Skype

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Matthew Montfort, bandleader and pioneering scalloped fretboard guitarist with the innovative world music group Ancient Future, is now offering all styles and levels of guitar instruction as well as lessons on any of the subjects on the Ancient-Future.Com world music education web site via private Skype lessons. The lessons can also be conducted through other webcam chat and conferencing services, through audio and video correspondence, or in person at his studio in the Gerstle Park area of San Rafael in Marin County, California for those in the San Francisco Bay Area. Instruction is tailored to the individual needs of the student.

Guitar instruction is available in any style ranging from folk, jazz, blues, rock, and classical, to world music forms including flamenco, Indian, Arabic, and African music. Instruction including instrumental technique is also available for bass, fretless bass, mandolin, ukulele, sitar, charango and other unusual plucked instruments.

For those who already have technique on their instrument of choice, instruction and coaching is also available on improvisation, solo development, reading Western notation, reading Indian notation, composition, music theory, record production, rhythm training, and world music forms such as Balinese gamelan, West African polyrhythms, Indian raga and tala, Arabic maqam, and Latin rhythms such as rumba, bossa, samba, and choro.

Music lessons make an excellent gift, and the launch of this service is being celebrated with introductory sale rates on individual lessons, starting as low as $45. For further information, visit or send an email to

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45 Minute Lesson. $65. Sale $50. Buy 1 Now. 60 Minute Lesson. $75. Sale $60. Buy 1 Now. Lesson prices include email or phone consultation prior to first Skype session, custom .pdf of lesson plan with written music if desired in Western notation, guitar tablature, drum tablature, Indian sargam, or other appropriate system, related audio or video files if needed, private Skype session, and follow up consultation if needed.

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5 Page Guitar Player Magazine Lesson (1.4 MB pdf):

Matthew Montfort Bio

Photo of Matthew Montfort
Hi-Res Artist Photo by Julie Marten (2 MB, 300 dpi 4.3" x 6.5"):

Born in Colorado, Matthew Montfort was initially attracted to the guitar due to the work of Jimi Hendrix. As a teenager, he performed in jazz and rock bands as well as solo classical guitar recitals. As leader of the world music group Ancient Future, Matthew Montfort has devoted himself to the scalloped fretboard guitar since 1978. He holds an M.A. in music from Antioch University and spent years of study with some of the world's best musicians, including North Indian sarod master Ali Akbar Khan and vina master K.S. Subramanian, with whom he did an intensive study of South Indian note-bending techniques. He has performed concerts worldwide, from the Festival Internacional de la Guitarra in Spain to the Festival of India in Mumbai. He has worked with many world music legends, including tabla phenomena Zakir Hussain and Swapan Chaudhuri, sitar master Pandit Habib Khan, Carnatic saxophone legend Dr. Kadri Gopalnath, and Chinese zither master Zhao Hui.

Ancient Traditions – Future Possibilities

Ancient Traditions--Future Possibilities Book

Ancient Traditions – Future Possibilities is the "world beat bible" by Matthew Montfort. The book takes the student on a musical voyage through these great ancient rhythmic traditions with a series of exercises that require no instruments to perform. Interesting, imaginative and fun, these rhythm exercises will be of immense help to all musicians, useful for both home study and in the classroom.

Ancient Traditions -- Future Possibilities: Rhythmic Training Through the Traditions of Africa, Bali and India. By Matthew Montfort. Kentfield: Ancient Future Music, 1985. ISBN 0-937879-00-2. Comb Bound Book/Enhanced 2 Audio CD Set with MIDI Soundfiles: $52.95 (SALE! Normally $69.95): Buy 1 Now.

Matthew Montfort's "Purple Raga"

Download Guitar Player Magazine Story on Matthew MontfortDownload Guitar Player Magazine Story on Matthew Montfort
5 Page Guitar Player Magazine Lesson (1.4 MB pdf):

The December 2009 collectible commemorative Les Paul issue of Guitar Player Magazine includes a full page feature with a photo of Matthew Montfort superimposed over psychedelic artwork portraying Jimi Hendrix and an interview with Montfort about the scalloped fretboard guitar, Indian raga, and his thoughts about the relationship of Indian raga to the music of Jimi Hendrix with links to related material on, which also hosted a video of Matthew Montfort performing his "Purple Raga" composition on a Godin Glissentar, an 11 string fretless guitar endorsed by Montfort.

Guitar Player Video

Seven Serenades for Scalloped Fretboard Guitar

Seven Serenades CD Cover

Matthew Montfort (>YTmusic)

Seven Serenades for Scalloped Fretboard Guitar by Matthew Montfort. (AF 2008). $17.98: Buy 1 Now.

The debut recording by Ancient Future leader Matthew Montfort showcases his pioneering work on the scalloped fretboard guitar, a special modified instrument able to produce ornaments characteristic of the sitar.




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