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July 2014 Issue:

One New Release
•First Audio/Video Release in Ancient Future History

Two More A.F.A.R.
•Two New Tracks Added to the Archive of Future Ancient Recordings

Three Concerts
•Lick Observatory, Incline Village, Reno

Four for Forty
• Four Acclaimed Releases Just $10 Each

Five #1 Videos
14 Number 1 Chart Positions on Ethnocloud, June 1, 2014

One New Release

First Audio/Video Release in Ancient Future History

Yearning for the Wind Cover

Composed by scalloped fretboard guitar innovator Matthew Montfort, Yearning for the Wind is a poignant piece based on Rag Kalyan, an evening raga that corresponds to the Lydian mode. The composition in three movements also incorporates harmony and other guitaristic elements. A duet with Indian tabla virtuoso Vishal Nagar, who is considered one of the most gifted tabla players of his generation, Yearning for the Wind is set in matta tal, a nine beat rhythmic cycle. As a bridge between the slow and fast sections of the piece, Vishal Nagar performs an elegant tabla solo over the soft nine beat groove that slowly builds up to a vibrant rela (a fast tabla composition characterized by rapid drum rolls).

Recorded in December 2013, Yearning for the Wind was produced for the Archive of Future Ancient Recordings, Ancient Future's ambitious fan-funded recording project. The digital preview release of Yearning for the Wind is available now at iTunes and other digital retailers as an mp3 and video download. The enhanced CD version (an audio CD with a CD-ROM session for computers with liner notes and an HD video with 96/24 hi-res audio) will be released at fine stores such as Ancient-Future.Com and starting July 22, 2014. This is the first audio/video release in Ancient Future history, just in time for the band's 35th anniversary year!

Yearning for the Wind by Ancient Future. Ancient-Future.Com AF-90352. Signed Enhanced Audio/Video E-CD-R-$17.98: Buy E-CD Now. (Ships by 7/22/14)

Two More A.F.A.R.

30th Anniversary CD Mystery Cover

On February 11, 2014, the exact 35th anniversary of the first Ancient Future concert, two new studio tracks were added to the Archive of Future Ancient Recordings, which now has 70 minutes of music in it!

The first track added was Yearning for the Wind. More than five months before its E-CD release, it was made available to supporters of the archive in mp3, CD quality, 96-kHz/24-bit hi-res audio, and a full resolution HD video that is higher quality than is possible for E-CD or iTunes release.

The second track added, East of the Sun, reunites original Ancient Future members Matthew Montfort and Benjy Wertheimer with help from Paul McCandless of the band Oregon. The basic tracks for this poignant piece with an Afro 5/8 groove and a haunting melody were recorded live in the studio on 4/1/2011 by Matthew Montfort on scalloped fretboard guitar, Benjy Wertheimer on tabla, and Mariah Parker on santur. Additional scalloped fretboard guitar and fretless bass parts by Matthew Montfort and oboe parts by Paul McCandless were recorded in Ancient Future's newly upgraded home studio in 2013, producing this lush new quintet version. It is available to supporters of the archive in mp3, CD quality, and 96-kHz/24-bit hi-res audio file formats.

Now that the music business has collapsed due to the tech industry's successful promotion of the meme that content should be virtually free, Ancient Future really truly needs YOUR support in order to continue to bring you music. Streaming companies are valued in billions of dollars, but streaming royalties are measured in thousandths of a cent, so is imperative for everyone who reads this newsletter to help in some way. Please become a supporter at one of the levels below, starting at just $15. Please let your friends know about this opportunity to support world fusion music. Share this newsletter, and share Ancient Future posts on social networks. And if you can afford it, please consider making a VIP donation to move the project along faster.

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Three Concerts

Ancient Future Concerts in California and Nevada

Ancient Future Trio

Photo of Mariah Parker, Matthew Montfort, and Vishal Nagar

Featuring Mariah Parker, Matthew Montfort, and Vishal Nagar

Saturday, July 19, 8:30 p.m.
Benefit Concert for UCO Lick Observatory
Main Building Hall
Mount Hamilton, CA 95140
Adm: $40 general seating, $100 preferred, $150 VIP. Tix: UCSC ticket office 831-459-2159 after May 1. Info: 408-274-5061,

This trio version of Ancient Future will perform music from Ancient Future's many recordings, including their latest release,Yearning for the Wind. The program includes the concert, astronomy lecture, and (weather permitting) viewing through the historic 35-inch Great Lick Refractor and the 40-inch Nickel Reflector telescopes!

Matthew Montfort is Ancient Future's leader and has released two solo guitar releases: Seven Serenades for Scalloped Fretboard Guitar and Sympathetic Serenade, for which he was lauded as one of the world's 100 Greatest Acoustic Guitarists by DigitalDreamDoor. Montfort is a pioneer among guitarists who have had their fretboards scalloped in order to play various forms of world music that require intricate note-bending ornaments while still being able to play chords.

Vishal Nagar is considered one of the most gifted tabla players of his generation. Born into a family of musicians, Vishal has been surrounded by music in an extremely musically creative and artistic environment. Vishal had his initial training with the late Ustad Latif Ahmed Khan of the Delhi Gharana. After his Ustad's untimely demise, Vishal continued his training under the guidance of Ustad Shamim Ahmed Khan. He also has had intense rhythmic training from his mother, the renowned and highly respected Kathak dancer and vocalist, Urmila Nagar.

Mariah Parker is a composer and multi-instrumentalist. She released her first solo recording of her compositions, Sangria (Ancient-Future.Com AF 2017), in 2009. Her CD release party drew a full house at the famous Yoshi's Jazz Club in Oakland for her Indo Latin Jazz Ensemble, which features a stellar lineup of musicians including the Grammy-winning Paul McCandless of the group Oregon.

Ancient Future Hammered and Picked Duet

Photo of Mariah Parker and Matthew Montfort

Hammered & Picked: World Folk for Guitar & Dulcimer
Featuring World Guitar Pioneer Matthew Montfort and Composer/Hammered Dulcimerist Mariah Parker

Friday, July 25, 7:00 p.m.
Sierra Nevada Guitar Festival
St. Patrick's Episcopal Church

341 Village Blvd.
Incline Village, NV 89451
Suggested donation: $20 for adults

Ancient Future's Matthew Montfort (scalloped fretboard guitar) and Mariah Parker (hammered dulcimer) will perform material from the band's many recordings influenced by Celtic, Latin American, Indian, Arabic, Spanish, European and American music. They will be joined by special Tahoe area guests including world dancer/violinist Sapphira and guitarist/cellist Larry Aynesmith.

Ancient Future Guitar and Tabla Duet

Featuring World Guitar Pioneer Matthew Montfort and Tabla Virtuoso Vishal Nagar plus Special Guest Mariah Parker

Photo of Matthew Montfort and Vishal Nagar

Shown: Matthew Montfort and Vishal Nagar

Sunday, July 27, 3:00 p.m.
Reno Artown Festival
Mathewson-IGT Knowledge Center

Wells Fargo Auditorium, Room 124
University of Nevada, Reno
Reno, NV 89557
Info: 775-298-1893
Suggested donation: $5 children, $15-$20+ adults.

Strains of passionate flamenco and ethereal Indian raga emanate from this improvisatory duet featuring world guitar pioneer Matthew Montfort accompanied by renowned Indian tabla virtuoso Vishal Nagar.

Four for Forty

Planet Passion CD CoverSangria CD CoverSeven Serenades CD CoverSympathetic Serenade CD Cover

Four Releases Just $10 Each

Ancient Future Summer Sale

Five #1 Videos

Ethnocloud Charts

Ethnocloud 6-1-14.pdf (8 MB pdf)

14 Number 1 Chart Positions on Ethnocloud, June 1, 2014

As evidenced by the above 15 page media report, this spring, Ancient Future rose to the top of the Ethnocloud music charts, briefly garnering 14 number one spots in the following categories: Artist by Rating, Top 40 March 2014 Video, Top 40 April 2014 Track, Top 40 April 2014 Video, Video by Rating, Track by Rating, India Influence Video, Gypsy Influence Video, Asian Influence Video, Middle Eastern Influence Video, North American Influence Video, India Influence Track, Middle Eastern Influence Track, and East European Influence Track.

This issue of the Ancient Future Times features five videos that each earned number one spots on Ethnocloud!

Yearning for the Wind

Yearning for the Wind on Ethnocloud

Yearning for the Wind rose to the top of the Ethnocloud World Music Charts, earning #1 spots in both the Video and Track categories for the April 2014 Top 40, and propelling Ancient Future to the #1 rated artist spot in early June, 2014. It is currently the #1 Video by Rating and #1 India Influence Video. The camera work and video editing was done by Michael Bradon at Seven Channel Sound.

Matthew Montfort and Shenshen Zhang

Matthew Montfort (scalloped fretboard guitar) and Shenshen Zhang (pipa) on Ethnocloud

This video captures the very first time that Chinese pipa master Shenshen Zhang and scalloped fretboard guitar pioneer Matthew Montfort played together. They met at an acoustic guitar concert set up by steel string guitarist Mike Kostowskyj in Half Moon Bay. Mike invited Shenshen Zhang to perform a number by herself. Matthew was impressed and invited her to jam with him, and this is exactly what happened from their first note together! The unedited video was recorded by Mariah Parker from the audience. It is currently the #1 Asian Influence Video on Ethnocloud, and was the #1 video on the Ethnocloud Top 40 for March 2014.

Prelude and Bookenka (The Adventurer)

Prelude and Bookenka on Ethnocloud

Recorded at Ancient Future's concert at the Freight and Salvage October 16, 2013, this is a medley of Prelude by Matthew Montfort and Bookenka (The Adventurer) by Doug McKeehan from Ancient Future's Asian Fusion release. It features Doug McKeehan on piano, Kash Killion on bass, Ian Dogole on percussion, Matthew Montfort on scalloped fretboard guitar, Jim Hurley on electric violin, and Mariah Parker on hammered dulcimer. It is currently the #1 North American Influence Video on Ethnocloud. The camera work and video editing was done by Michael Bradon at Seven Channel Sound.

El Zaffa

El Zaffa on Ethnocloud

Ancient Future performs "El Zaffa" from their Planet Passion recording. The composition is based on the Egyptian wedding march rhythm "elzaffa" and features Matthew Montfort (composer, scalloped fretboard guitar), Georges Lammam (Arabic violin), Salaheddin Takesh (Arabic percussion), Doug McKeehan (keyboards), and Sapphira (belly dance). It is currently the #1 Middle Eastern Influence Video on Ethnocloud. In memory of and thanks to Brilla and Gordy Hall at Gordyo Video.

World Fusion Documentary

World Fusion Documentary on Ethnocloud

The video documents the history of the world music movement and shows archival clips of many of the variations of Ancient Future. Includes information on the music scene surrounding the Grateful Dead and the Ali Akbar College of Music from which the band was formed. It is currently the #1 Gypsy Influence Video on Ethnocloud. In memory of and thanks to Brilla and Gordy Hall at Gordyo Video.