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August-September 2014 Issue:

Raves Blow in for Yearning for the Wind
•Initial Coverage of the First Audio/Video Release in Ancient Future History

A.F.A.R. So Far
•The Archive of Future Ancient Recordings So Far on Limited Edition CD

A.F.A.R. Around the Corner
•Exciting New Projects for the Archive of Future Ancient Recordings

Upcoming Concerts and Radio Appearances
•San Luis Obispo, Grover Beach, Mill Valley, and Oakland, California

Raves Blow in for Yearning for the Wind

Initial Coverage of the First Audio/Video Release in Ancient Future History

Yearning for the Wind Cover

Yearning for the Wind by Ancient Future. Signed Audio/Video E-CD-R-$17.98: Buy E-CD Now. iTunes. E-CD @

Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange Review

"In Ancient Future we have creativity that breaks many boundaries. As such, it richly deserves non-ordinary attention. Ancient Future's a multi-member group but this latest issuance involves just Matt and Vishal Nagar, tabla virtuoso, in a balladic duet of the most refined sensibilities. Yearning for the Wind marks a new high-water mark in recording. It's released in E-CD (enhanced CD), one session dedicated for CD players, the other for computers. The latter includes extensive digital liner notes explaining the musical traditions of Indian raga and tala as well as HD video in 96/24 hi-res audio. Montfort intended the "disc" to hit all levels: musicians' top-end aesthetics, audiophile expectations and delectations, and then great response in a standard CD player." - by Mark S. Tucker, Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange (read full review)

Diamond Sound Reviews on Amazon and iTunes

"Ancient Future founder, guitarist Matthew Montfort and tabla master Vishal Nagar bring East and West together in a stunning display of musical virtuosity. But beyond the technical proficiency of the players is a level of passion and spirit that takes the listener on a journey that is both serene and moving." - Michael Diamond, Diamond Sound Reviews (read full review)

Exposé - Exploring the Boundaries of Rock Review

"The piece starts slowly with an acoustic guitar solo that emphasizes the pitch-bending qualities of the scalloped fretboard, later joined by the tabla a couple minutes in, and slowly evolving through numerous sections where the tabla and guitar alternate lead roles. Adding the visual aspect of the video brings in a whole new dimension to the proceedings, and highlights the intense rhythmic complexity that Nagar brings to the table. For fans of world fusion music, it doesn't get much better than this." - Peter Thelen, Exposé (read full review)

India Currents Article and Interview

"An artistic temperament is conventionally associated with eccentricity and attitude. What is not commonly seen is the other, good side of the said temperament, the one that drives artists to stay true to their art and foster an environment that nurtures its growth. The Californian band Ancient Future led by Matthew Montfort, is an excellent example of this. The group's 'Yearning for the Wind' presents Montfort's composition on the scalloped fretboard guitar, harnessing raag Kalyan in a nine beat cycle, accompanied by Vishal Nagar, the upcoming tabla virtuoso. The piece is part of a larger repertoire, called, 'The Archive of Future Ancient Recordings,' which is a series of collaborative- music recordings entirely funded by music-lovers." - Priya Das, India Currents (read full article and interview)

A.F.A.R. So Far

The Archive of Future Ancient Recordings So Far on Limited Edition CD

30th Anniversary CD Mystery Cover

On February 11, 2014, the exact 35th anniversary of the first Ancient Future concert, two new studio tracks were added to the Archive of Future Ancient Recordings, which now has 10 tracks and 70 minutes of music in it! And for the first time online, supporters of the archive can now purchase a limited edition CD-R of all of these tracks, appropriately titled A.F.A.R. So Far.

Three of the tracks totalling 19 minutes and 18 seconds are studio tracks, and the rest are painstakingly mixed live concert recordings. Here are some track highlights already included in the archive:

  1. Yearning for the Wind. An evocative piece based on Indian raga featuring Matthew Montfort (scalloped fretboard guitar) with tabla virtuoso Vishal Nagar. This piece was just released on iTunes and E-CD to promote the archive.
  2. East of the Sun. Reunites original Ancient Future members Matthew Montfort and Benjy Wertheimer with help from Paul McCandless of the band Oregon and Mariah Parker on santur.
  3. Moonbath. A live version of the first track Ancient Future recorded back in late 1978 for their debut recording, Visions of a Peaceful Planet. Features Mariah Parker (santur) and Matthew Montfort (scalloped fretboard guitar).
  4. Dawn of Love. The live version of Ancient Future's most popular YouTube video (over 206,000 views), which is a Guitar-Sitar Jugalbandi featuring Matthew Montfort (scalloped fretboard guitar), Pandit Habib Khan (sitar), and Arshad Syed (tabla).

Please become a supporter at one of the levels below, starting at just $15, and once you do, you will be eligible to purchase a limited edition A.F.A.R. So Far CD-R. If you are already a supporter, you can buy a CD-R now.

Recording Newsletter. $15 (receive 128 kbps downloads): Subscribe @ $15. Download Supporter. $25 (320 kbps downloads): Subscribe @ $25. Limited Edition CD Sponsor. $50 (all previous plus CD quality audio): Subscribe @ $50. Honorary A & R Representative. $75 (all previous plus video and 24 bit audio): Subscribe @ $75. Donor VIP. Make Additional Donation. A.F.A.R. So Far CD. $20 Additional. Buy CD-R Now.

A.F.A.R. Around the Corner

Exciting New Projects for the Archive of Future Ancient Recordings

There are a lot of exciting new projects for the Archive of Future Ancient Recordings awaiting funding. Ancient Future recently received two opportunities to do live video performances, both of which served as rehearsals for the next additions to the archive. Your support could be what makes them possible!

Lobby Lounge Video Performance

Matthew Montfort (scalloped fretboard guitar) and Shenshen Zhang (pipa)

Featuring Shenshen Zhang and Matthew Montfort

The first was on the new Lobby Lounge series of the Marin Independent Journal. They were excited about doing a show focusing on the new collaboration between Ancient Future leader Matthew Montfort and Chinese pipa master Shenshen Zhang. So the duo had their very first rehearsal, and then the next day taped this Lobby Lounge video!

"We recently hosted our most exotic Lobby Lounge show to date. You don't often get to hear music by Chinese pipa and 11-string fretless guitar. But that's what we have in the duo of Shenshen Zhang, a concert soloist on the Chinese pipa, and Matthew Montfort, leader of the Marin world music band Ancient Future, playing the seldom-seen fretless guitar and scalloped fretboard guitar. The pipa, sometimes called a Chinese lute, is a pear-shaped, four-stringed instrument that has been played in China for some 2,000 years. Shenshen first picked up the ancient instrument when she was 9, playing music with her mother in her native Wenzhou. listed Montfort among the 100 greatest acoustic guitarists. He and Shenshen first played together during a 2011 round-robin guitar night in Half Moon Bay. They met when he invited her on stage to jam with him. Magic ensued. Their on-the-spot improvisation was spellbinding, a spell they cast once again in their mesmerizing Lobby Lounge performance." - Paul Liberatore, Lobby Lounge, Marin Independent Journal (read full article)

Marin Artists Showcase Video Shoot

Vishal Nagar, Shenshen Zhang, Mariah Parker, and Matthew MontfortVIdeo Shoot

Featuring Vishal Nagar, Shenshen Zhang, Mariah Parker, and Matthew Montfort

The day after the Lobby Lounge video appeared, we received an offer to shoot a live video for the Marin Artists Showcase, who coincidentally had shot the very first video of Ancient Future back in 1979 before the release of our first record! So on August 9, 2104, we performed three quartet pieces, three trio pieces, and three solos for the cameras at the Community Media Center of Marin. The video shoot was a great success, and now all of the music is ready for the recording studio. Please help us raise the funds to pay for it by supporting the Archive of Future Ancient Recordings!

Upcoming Concerts and Radio Appearances

San Luis Obispo, Grover Beach, Mill Valley, and Oakland, California