Estara: World Dance

Estara Mask Photo


A born dancer and educator, Estara began her career at age 11 when she won a competition in Middle Eastern dance after taking only six lessons. Through her 20 years of dedication and exploration into the pure essence of dance, she has developed a unique style of world dance performance that brings the audience on an inspirational journey interweaving movement and sound. Estara has performed throughout the world and for such personalities as the royal family of Saudi Arabia and at the World Festival of Sacred Music initiated by His Holiness the Dali Lama. She has appeared on national television, including Eye on America on CBS.

"Experiencing Estara dancing is like watching a rose open in slow motion: absolutely stunningly gorgeous and mesmerizing: she exudes a spirituality through her sensuality. It is obvious she has focused immense energy into sculpting her body to move with precise, controlled exquisite movement. She must be seen and experienced with the eyes and the soul."Gena Galenski, C.M.T.