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Ancient Future: One Band-Many Flavors Report

One Band-Many Flavors (3 page .pdf)

Print Promo Kit for Concert Presenters

The following .pdf files are provided for internal organizational use, such as to share with concert committee members or for use by the promotional department in creating press materials:

  1. One Band-Many Flavors (3 page .pdf)
  2. Biographies (3 page .pdf)

Additional press materials for each specific ensemble are available, such as downloadable high resolution photos (600 dpi). Once a concert has been booked, contact Ancient Future to receive the corresponding press releases, photos, promo CDs, and video materials that are available.

Tech Riders

The following sample technical riders are included to give a general idea of the technical requirements of the various ensembles:

  1. Tech Rider: Celtic Raga Duet. Tech rider for the Celtic Raga duet concert program. (1 page .pdf)
  2. Tech Rider: Guitar-Sitar Jugalbandi. Tech rider for the Guitar-Sitar Jugalbandi concert program. (1 page .pdf)
  3. Tech Rider: España Trio. Tech rider for the España Trio concert program. (1 page .pdf)
  4. Tech Rider: Arabic Beats. Tech rider for the Arabic Beats concert program. (1 page .pdf)
  5. Tech Rider: Indian Jazz. Tech rider for the Indian Jazz concert program. (1 page .pdf)
  6. Tech Rider: Indo Latin Jazz. Tech rider for the Indo Latin Jazz concert Program. (1 page .pdf)
  7. Tech Rider: Trance Songs. Tech rider for the Trance Songs concert program. (1 page .pdf)

Letters of Recommendation

The following letters of recommendation are included to give a general idea of a the satisfaction level of presenters. More letters from our archives are available on request:

  1. Parks and Recreation .pdf
  2. Future Studios .pdf
  3. City of Danville .pdf
  4. Shasta County Arts Council .pdf

Press Materials

Extensive press materials are available for each artist on the Ancient-Future.Com Record label as well as for specific live concert program offerings from the band Ancient Future, including high resolution photos, digital one sheets with streaming audio, digital liner notes, banners, link codes, and concert posters:

  1. Press. This press page focuses on all types of supporting files for Ancient-Future.Com releases. Everything needed for reviews and stories on Ancient-Future.Com Records artists.
  2. Press Photos. This photo page focuses on band and artist photos, and is an excellent source for concert posters and publicity.

Promotional Assets

Ancient Future also has the following promotional assets available:

  1. Fan list with more than 4,200 valid opt-in e-mail addresses.
  2. Fan mailing list with more than 4,000 postal addresses.
  3. More than 6,200 organic Facebook fans.
  4. World music media list with more than 3,000 media contacts.
  5. World music distribution outlet list with more than 3,000 retail outlets. Many of the record stores, drum shops, yoga studios, and other businesses on the list are willing to post flyers for shows in their areas.

Contact Info

Tel: 415-459-1892.

Booking: Additional booking information, or use the contact information above.
Catalog: Listen to the CDs and use the secure online shopping cart system to purchase music.
Concerts: Current list of shows online.
Guest Book: Subscribe to the Ancient Future e-mail newsletter. Contests for prizes such as concert tickets each issue.