Planet Passion

by Ancient Future

Arrow of Love

Cave Hand

Ancient-Future.Com AF 2010. 30th Anniversary Remastered Edition.
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Kurukulla Great Goddess of Tibetan Tantra Cast by Chotoo Pal

Heart                               Heart





From the arrow of Kurukulla, send music from Planet Passion with a ...

or a ...


Track List

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1. Simsimay Panima (6:05) From high in the Himalayas comes the call and response of love’s first meeting in this flirtatious Nepali folk song. ( via >YTmusic).

2. Forest Frolic (4:29) Bamboo flutes flirt with frolicing wood nymphs. ( via >YTmusic).


3. I Mett Her in the Medowe, a (1:19) 4. I Mett Her in the Medowe, b (4:12) A rendezvous in the meadow to a Scottish lute melody played on scalloped fretboard guitar. ( via >YTmusic).

5. Ocean of Love (5:26) Afro-Slavic courtship between Yemayah (Orisa for the ocean and motherhood) and Yarila (Slavic god of physical love). ( via >YTmusic).

Sacred Eros

6. Ochun (3:32) Santeria priest Pedro de Jesus sings the story of procreation in this Afro-Cuban chant for the goddess of love, Ochun. via >YTmusic.

7. Semara (4:27) Semara, the Balinese god of love, integrates both the male and female into one. via >YTmusic.

The Wedding

8. Alap (1:48) Serenade before the wedding procession. via >YTmusic.

9. El Zaffa (4:26) Spanish romanza soars over a lively Egyptian wedding procession rhythm (elzaffa). via >YTmusic.


10. Ne Po Pogrebu Bochonochek (5:07) Irina Mikhailova sings a traditional Russian honeymoon song. The bride removes an item of the shy groom’s clothing each time she calls him by a more intimate name. via >YTmusic.

Longing for the Beloved

11. Socha Socha, a (2:00) 12. Socha Socha, b (8:34) Sing these words to the sitar melody: Socha socha, Mai ne tumko raat bhar, subh ho sham (Thinking, thinking, I miss you all night, dawn to dusk). via >YTmusic.