Finger Painting

Finger Painting CD Cover

by Jim Hurley

Cave Hand

Open Strings Music. CD- $16.98:



This solo work by Ancient Future violinist Jim Hurley is entirely performed on violin, guitar, and bass by Jim Hurley.

"This music was created the way a painter creates a collection of paintings: The artist works alone, by hand, mixing and layering colors, modeling with light and shadow, hiding or revealing the brush strokes; within the framework of a deliberate design, he improvises freely and extemporaneously, so the work bears the indelible stamp of the moment of creation.

I have chosen to paint with the true colors of acoustic string instruments on the clear canvas of digital audio tape. These are intimate personal works, not monumental productions, so I have used no drums, synthesizers, or electric instruments. They are a wordless communication of feelings and impressions, straight from me to you."Jim Hurley

Track List

  1. Finger Painting (Jim Hurley. 5:38). An expression of nostalgia for a better world we all seem to leave behind; an invitation to get your fingers messy again.